The ponderings of a weathered wise man

Here we are, already submerged into the early part of November.  The full moon coming up is The Dark Moon (Celtic) or The Snow Moon (Old English).  This time of year brings mixed emotions for me.  Melancholia allows me to indulge my body with those foods that make it feel better.   My tendency is to stockpile it with fattening foods (breads, cakes, pastas)  and then hibernate like the big Grizzly Bear and sleep through the winter.  But, my sense of child-like wonder over  the excitement of the season makes me want to bounce around like a puppy, thrilled by every little change (the smell of the air, the crispness around me).  I watch everything change around me and am saddened and thrilled at the same time.  The birds that circle me are no longer the bluebirds and the robins the once trilled their summer songs to serenade the Great Lady.  Now the sounds that echo are the harsh “caws” that shatter the black and white of winter, still serenading another Great Lady (The Morrigan), heralding the change that is ever so a part of her. 

This is the time of year that many of us pull closer those things we treasure.  We celebrate those things which we are thankful for and ruminate on those things we didn’t get quite right.  But shouldn’t we celebrate the positive every day?

 Most see this time of year as a time of death. But without the dark there is no light.  Without death there is no promise of rebirth.  Many fear the trasition from life to death to life.  My experience affords a different viewpoint.  It is this transition that I have been mulling over lately.  Three of my family members are fighting cancer at the moment.  The rest of the family is viewing this as a finale…..the last curtain call.  I see it, as do the ones facing the cancer, as an intermission.  There will be a rebirth.  As the author JM Barrie said in his work “Peter Pan,” “To die would be an awfully big adventure.” To live every day is an exciting moment!  The challenges we face, the things we see…..we will never behold exactly the same again. 

I feel as though I am living in Medieval times.  I am the wizard who walks a path slowly with my staff, anticipating dragons, elves, or other wizards around every corner, but never letting it concern me enough to push me off my course.  There may come detours and things that will detain us, but when it comes to the spell, the only things that matter are the intent and the follow through.  Witches and Wizards we may be, but we do have to walk through the mundane…..which, if you remain open and look carefully, is never truly mundane at all.

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