Bitch.  Somebody called me that at work today.  I don’t think that they thought that I would take it as a compliment, but I took it that way.  I was called “Bitch” because I did not allow someone to have her way. 

Let me begin by saying that I work as an Accounts Receivable/Collections specialist for an animal clinic.  I think that I am as good hearted as the next person.  I will go out of my way to work with someone when they are honest with me and will seriously try to do what is promised.  One thing that I will not tolerate is swindling or lying.  Don’t lie to me or about me.

I was dealing with a delinquent account today and had thought that we had come to a resolution.  I thought we had worked up a payment agreement that this woman and I could live with.  As I was winding down the conversation, the woman on the phone calmly and rather quietly said, “You know, you are probably the biggest bitch I have ever dealt with.  I can’t believe you expect me to pay this.”  At that moment, I calmy and quietly responded, “Thank you maám, I appreciate that.  Now your payment agreement starts on this date, and I expect to see payment at that time.  And just so you know maám, you haven’t even tapped into my ‘bitch’ persona yet, but keep up and I am so sure you will.  Have a wonderful afternoon.”  Heaven help I should require her to pay for costs she incurred.

Now granted, I can be quick tempered and over-reactive, but I can also see the humor in a situation.  I realized that this person only needed someone to lash out at, even as calmly as she did it.   I am a big boy.  I can take it.  It normally takes quite a bit to ruffle this old roosters feathers.

I am by nature a protector.  I protect those whom I feel need it most.  That is why I have such an affinity toward animals.  It is also why I am a “fierce, fierce friend” as Dumbledore said in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” regarding Cedric Diggory.  Let someone attempt to hurt an animal, and I can be worse than any grizzly you have ever met.  Let someone say or do something that hurts someone I care about, and most of the time they will be standing there at the end with what’s left of their ego shredded at their feet.

With the Yuletide season fast approaching, I think about my own nature.  Sure, I would love for people to see me and automatically think that I have the spirit and nature of Father Christmas.  Sometimes I do.  I would love to subscribe to the teaching that all fat folks are jolly.  Sometimes I am.  But I would hope moreso that someone would look at me…..deep into my eyes….even deeper into my spirit…and see that I can be all those things. I would hope that they would see something glimmering, glistening deep in my heart….something that goes far beyond your preconceived notions of me.

Yes.  I am a bitch.  I am proud to be a bitch. There is, however, a lot more to me than that.

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