I’m Just a Rhinestone In the Rough

With the Yuletide season around me, I am reminded of what it was like to be a child.  I have always been fascinated with the twinkling lights, the tinsel….well, basically anything shiny.  I have friends who have told me that I have the nature of a magpie.  I am attracted to anything that sparkles, shines, or reflects light.  This is all true. 

I have a very beautiful friend who has turned me on to all things Gypsy as of late (no, not the stripper, but the people group).  I am in heaven!  I have fallen in love with the Gypsy wagons.  The insides of some of them sparkle and shine like dozens of diamonds.  We have also discussed bedazzling in length.   I love it!! 

I am very much a male, so I honestly would never be comfortable being a drag queen, but my family has told me for years that if I were a female…I would look very much like Dolly Parton.  This is true also.  Only I don’t think I could heft around those things that she carries in the front.  I  would have to take up bodybuilding just for the back muscles. 

I think for the sparkle factor alone is why most gay men are attracted to the Christmas season…..this is a time when you can let you inner drag queen loose and make the house look like Dolly threw up Christmas.  Granted sometimes the Martha Stewart in me takes over and I do tone it down a bit, but we do have a lot of sparkle around here.

Next year, I think I may see if I can bedazzle the Christmas tree, the tree skirt…..the possibilities are endless!!!!

2 thoughts on “I’m Just a Rhinestone In the Rough

  1. LOL!! I love this you magpie you!! I am loving the gypsy, bedazzling going on in our circle too!! Shiny and sparkly is a good thing this time of Year..and all year long!! Dolly would be proud 🙂

    Much love my brother!

  2. I love this!!! There is no doubt that you light up a room when you grace the doorway, I bet light bounces from wall to wall! I come from Czech Gypsy ancestry, but my sisters and cousins of the same blood are relatively tame. I’ve always been the feathers, crystals and beaded shawl kind of girl. Bedazzle away, my friend!! Kindred spirits! Love you – your friend TigerLily!

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