Playing with Fire….

I have always been attracted to fire, even as a child.  I remember my mother heralding the warning, “If you play with fire, you are going to pee in the bed.”  It never deterred me and I never peed in the bed.  I was in the kitchen floor playing with matches at 5 years old.  My mother screamed my name….I dropped the match…I melted a patch of linoleum.  When she asked me what I was doing, I told her I was watching the fire dance.

Fire, to me, is a powerful element.  It is the element to which I most relate.  I use fire when I scry.  I easily see faces and shapes moving freely around in the flames. I am shown things in fire that I may not recognize in other means of magick.  Fire calms me…reassures me.  There is nothing more wonderful to me than seeing the flames licking the outer lip of the cauldron.

I love to play with the colors of fire.  I will sometimes make a fire using denatured alcohol.  It produces a beautiful blue flame.  Around the holidays, I love using the pine cones that add different colors.  The color I strive for depends on what I am conjuring.  If I am looking for healing for myself or someone else, the blue flame works superbly.  If I want a little drama, I add a little clove and stand back and watch it pop!

Now, before you get the wrong idea, I am not a pyromaniac.  I don’t burn things just for the sake of burning.  There is always purpose and intent behind these little light shows.  Magickally I have played with breezes and waves and even played in the dirt, but the thing that brings me most joy is fire magick.  I am drawn to it.  I am the one in Harry Potter that would have chosen to travel by flue powder.  I guess that would be why candle magick comes to me easier than most. I can actually see the end results of the spell manifesting itself in the flame.

One of the things I love to do most in spellcasting is to take pictures of those that I am doing magick for and toss them into the fire as I visualize.  I can see the flames manipulating the desired result for each person or animal.  I also like to take a bit of brushed out fur from my pets and when I am doing healing work, toss some of the hair into cauldron.  I watch as the flames engulf that part of the animal and envelop them in healing….much like the way we are wrapped in the cozy feeling a fire in a fireplace brings.

When it feels as if the day has beaten me, I love nothing better than to light every candle in the living room, turn off the rest of the lights and let the candle flames nourish me.  As I write this, I have a sage scented candle burning beside me.  I feel the smoke wafting toward my face.  It cleanses and invigorates me as much as a quick splash of water against my face would.  When I smudge with a burning sage bundle, I love to stand in the veil of smoke.  It pushes all that is negative away from me and moves all that is positive into me.  I feel that being cloaked in the remnants that fire leaves behind is rejuvenating.  Native Americans fan the smoke into themselves to purify.  I love that feeling of freshness and brilliance that sage smoke brings.

I have a very healthy respect for the element of fire and would never be careless in my work with it.  I have learned to dance alongside my friend.  I have learned to respect it.  I have also learned to never underestimate it.

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