Dancing In The Rain

Today is a dreary rainy day and we all know from earlier posts that I am most definitely a fire sign.  I enjoy sunny conditions and the smells that sunshine brings out of everything.

Over the past few months, though, I have been taught a new appreciation for water.  We have had some plumbing issues so I have definitely seen the power of water.  I have seen the damage it can cause when not contained.  I have smelled the smell when water is not allowed to move and becomes stagnant.  It is the most putrid smell one could ever imagine.  I was reminded of the damp strength that water holds.

Thinking about that strength started my mind travelling back to summer vacations with my family to the Cherokee Indian reservation in North Carolina.  We stayed in a group of cabins that were perched above a river.  I can remember going with my dad down to the river and wading in.  I remember feeling the ice cold water rushing around my feet and the feeling of the cold wet rocks under my feet.  I also remember the feeling of the water on my butt as the current knocked me off of my feet and into that cold icy water. 

I have always had a healthy respect for water.  I understand how quickly it can go from beautiful and serene to troubled and dangerous.  I was travelling the back roads of North Carolina one Sunday morning.  We had had storms for the past week and there had been flash flooding throughout the area.  I was driving toward a bridge right around the corner from an old campground and I saw water rising.  I put the car in reverse, but the current swept behind the tires and pulled the car out into the water.  I swim about as wonderfully as a rock, but I wasn’t going to drown in a hunk of metal either.  I squeezed out of the back window and climbed onto the roof of the car.  The car was slowly sinking so I paddled, not so gracefully into a grove of trees.  I wrapped myself around a branch and screamed for two hours straight.  Finally, a teenager that lived a mile away heard me from his back yard and called the local volunteer fire department.  They came out and dragged me from the water into a motorboat.  You would think that that would have put a deathly fear of water into me, but it didn’t.  Even when I was bobbing in that tree, I thought about how beautiful and dangerous it was all at the same time.  I went back out to that bridge after all the water had dried up and saw the how the water had just swept everything away. 

Water holds so many wonderful things.  It is cleansing.  It is healing.  If you think  about it, it is even purifying.  Think about sitting in a sauna.  When you mix the power of fire and water, it steams all of the impurities out of your system.  It is amazing how much better you feel after a hot shower after rigorous exercise.

Today Frisbee and I took a walk to the pond here in the apartment complex.  It was dreary and damp and misty.  When we got to the pond, it reminded me of something out of King Arthur.  I kept waiting to see if the Lady of the Lake was coming out of the water to give me her wisdom.  Friz and I watched as cranes flew over the water.  We watched the ducks swimming and then Frisbee decides to confront two geese.  After they started back after him, he ran and hid behind me.  We stood and I watched Frisbee’s nose quickly inhaling the scents of the body of water around him.  I began to do the same.  I could feel the moisture wicking away the troubles of the past week.  I could feel the sounds of the water healing the hurts of the past month….maybe the Lady of the Lake was imparting her wisdom to me.

We quietly walked back to the condo.  Honestly, it was as if there was a reverence being felt between Frisbee and I.  No noise whatsoever…just a slow methodical walk back.  When we got inside, I took Frisbee’s harness off and I walked back outside.  By then, it was beginning a nice, steady rain.  I stood there letting every drop massage and caress my body.  My face was lifted so that each pellet of water could wash away any tearstains that might be left over from past hurts…..it felt so good.  I needed that cleansing….that washing over of power…..the whispers of the goddess just brushing against me and pouring power over me.  I felt like I was in the midst of a love story….mine and hers.

4 thoughts on “Dancing In The Rain

  1. This is so beautiful my dear brother. I can feel how the water washed away your sadness, your pain, your hurts. Water has never been my favorite element either….but it most definitely can wash away the negative and leave you feeling re-freshed in Spirit. I hope to take that walk with you one day. Love you….

  2. Water is one of my favorite too—and I am a fire sign as well. I used to do the same thing when my family went to the Smoky Mountains. And my Chops hates water (rain especially) but he loves to go to the lake—and yeah there is a soulful feeling for both of us. Thank you for sharing this ❤

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