Calling to the Moon

With the title of this post, I envisioned myself sitting on a hill underneath the full moon howling at the top of my lungs.  I see myself slowly transforming.  My hands open wide and stretch open.  My head tilts back as far as it can go.  No, I am not turning into a werewolf….I am basking in the glow of Lady Luna.

The full moon for the month of March is called the storm moon, and on Thursday night, as I sat underneath her I saw her face turn orange and watched the clouds gather around her.  A storm was brewing.  I could smell it in the air.

It was a full moon ritual that night like many others that I had experienced before that…..but there was a difference this time.   The air was charged with electricity.  My heart was pounding. So many needs had been brought before me by family and friends.  Though there were many difficult and serious needs,  there was a surge of energy swirling around me that enveloped me in hope and joy…..almost an electric shock.

I readied my herbs and incenses and stones.  I filled the cauldron with the different herbs (and some cloves for sparkle) for each need and then added the alcohol.  I positioned in the center of the courtyard and cast the circle.  I invited each of the elements and god and goddess in.  I lit the alcohol and watched as the flames began their dance.  The flames even seemed to reach higher.  I sat next to the cauldron and was mesmerized by the energy that was moving around me, yet in the midst of me at the same time.  I began to sing.  In the midst of the singing, I began to cry….I felt the pain that each person who I was intervening for felt.

**A side note….Through the years, I have always known that I have had empathic “tendencies.”  I have never really thought much about it until recently.  I found myself not able to be terribly close to people because all that they felt began rushing through my emotions. I did not know what to do with it…..I would stand in the grocery store and burst into tears….or I would feel anger rise up in me like I had never felt. 

I knew that this meant that the goddess and I had some work to do.  I had to learn to tap into this without it overtaking and overwhelming me.  It was so strong that I had to monitor which Facebook posts I was reading for fear of what would well up or rise up in me.  I sat underneath a full moon and she and I conversed.  I let her teach my heart what it needed to learn.  There was a way, she said, for me to feel without being overcome.   I sat in her lap and learned.  I could feel the peace rushing over me.  Lady Luna caressed my shoulders to add her comfort to this moment.**

Back to Thursday night….as I wept and sang over each need, I could feel hope for each person.  I felt, once again, Lady Luna caressing my shoulders offering comfort.  After the needs were brought before the goddess and the universe, I watched the flames leap higher….begging me to dance with them.  I felt a lightness and a joy overtake my very being.  I knew that I had been heard.  I knew that all these needs would be met.  I closed the circle and rested in this knowing. 

The goddess and I then enjoyed a glass of wine with Lady Luna.


2 thoughts on “Calling to the Moon

  1. Wow! thank you so much for sharing this sacred moment time! Your connection to Goddess is profound and awesome! Blessed be!

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