A Meeting at the Crossroads…

I can remember the very first time I was ever introduced to the name Hekate.  I was in high school and I was reading Macbeth.  I got to the scene with the witches and read that the main witches name was Hekate.  I thought, “What a really cool name for a witch!”  Little did I know at that time that I would have so many more encounters with Hekate on an up close and personal basis..

About 6 years ago, we had just moved into a small cottage at a crossroad.  It was a rough looking little cottage, but I could still appreciate what it offered.  It was a two bedroom, one bath with a built in bookcase in the living room.  The dining room would work perfectly as a small office and there was plenty of room out back for a large garden and smaller herb gardens.  I was excited….but there was also something that was really strange feeling about the property.  It was not a bad strange, but definitely a strange feeling.

The first week we lived there, my partner and I were out in the backyard late at night letting the dogs pee.  We looked into a little hidden grove of trees toward the back of the property.  The main tree was a large Holly tree.  When we both looked up, we saw three large white dogs staring back at us.  Now, this would be one thing if I was the only one to see it, but both of us saw this and looked back at each other.  The dogs, who are both barkers, did not make a sound.  They both just stared in that same direction.  Suddenly, we looked again and saw  a medium sized figure that was most definitely female shaped looking back.  Not once did we feel threatened.  We went back into the house.  My partner was a little rattled.  I was curious…very curious.

I got on the computer that night and started doing some research.  Again, I had heard of Hekate, but had never really counted on an up close and personal encounter that was that up close and personal.  I also had really never thought of the significance of living at a crossroad. 

Many nights after my research, I would find myself sitting in the dark in that little grove of trees.  The  holly tree had a section of its trunk that curved into a seat which fit my rather substantial posterior perfectly.  I would take a tealight in a holder out there with me and a glass of wine and just listen.  It is amazing.  I am normally a big old fraidy cat, but I was never afraid in that grove of trees.  I felt as though leaning against that holly tree was my protection and that I had a friend out there with me.  I always took gifts to leave on the seat of the holly tree.  I started to see some amazing things happen in my life.

I had never done crossroad magic.  So I began to go to the crossroad regularly.  Always bearing gifts to Hekate and her white dogs.  I noticed wonderful changes in my own pets.  One who had always had some kind of health issue never had one problem while living in this house.  The other who had always dealt with a little arthritis was moving like a pup. 

I also saw some wonderful things happening in me too.   I began to lose weight and was feeling and looking better.  I was eating healthier because of the garden growing out back.  Everything there was flourishing.  I was even making more money.  I had moved on to a job that was paying more.

One thing that was hard for me to learn, though, is that one mustn’t always dwell at the crossroads of life.  Sometimes it is necessary to move on. 

We moved from that house almost exactly two years ago.  On the last night before we moved, I went out into that little grove of trees.  It was a full moon.  I nestled in the belly of my old friend the holly tree.  I felt comforted, but I also learned something from my tree friend and the triple goddess.

There will always be crossroads of one kind or another in our lives.  When we come to them, accept them for the knowledge and understanding of ourselves that they bring…..leave a gift and take that knowledge and understanding with you. 

Hekate doesn’t require elaborate gifts, but she does require that they be gifts given from that deepest part of your being.  What does the next crossroad hold for you?  For me….it holds excitement…..oh the adventure that each new day brings.

3 thoughts on “A Meeting at the Crossroads…

  1. Love it! Hekate is the Goddess I most resonate with, in that every major decision I’ve ever made involved a real or metaphoric crossroad. And somehow I picture my Aunt, a grand dame with dogs who was a great teacher of lore and “old ways.” As always, beautiful words!

  2. I can’t believe this has been posted after the week I have lived through….absolutely perfect!!! and so true its amazing, I love it and yes I am ready for my next adventure!
    Lv U Big Brother ❤ )O(

  3. What magickal words you have spoken once again! Hekate was the first non Christian Goddess to appear to me. It took me awhile to put it all together, but when it did I have never let her leave my side! I am so happy with you being willing to learn the lessons She was teaching you! Blessed be at your next crossroads! I look forward to seeing how you move forth! hugs and love!

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