Talking To The Animals

I looked into the corner of the bedroom this morning and saw Merlin sound asleep on top of my Book of Shadows.  He loves that book. He sits on top of it to look out of the window.  He sleeps on it during the day.  You would think it as much his book as it is mine.

Out of all of the animals in the house, Merlin is the most curious about the Old Ways.  If I am casting in the house, he is right there in the middle of it…..he loves the candlelight and never gets too close.  You can see him with his head lifted and sniffing when incense is lit.  If I am in the middle of circle in the living room, Merlin is in there with me.  He is very well mannered and never breaks circle. 

Animals are more sensitive to the things of Magick than we can ever be.  While Merlin is in the midst of everything, Frisbee is my quiet magick muse.  Frisbee is the one who walks with me to the pond on Sunday mornings.  Frisbee is the one who hears all the secrets I hold.  Frisbee is the one who licks away the tears that I can’t share with anyone else.

A few years ago I was certified as a Reiki Master.  Reiki is a type of energy manipulation to bring about healing in the mind and body.  My study was directed toward humans, but that is not where my heart is.  Don’t get me wrong…..I love people, but my heart is with the animals.  I took workshops to learn how to do Reiki for animals.  I hate to see an animal in pain….it hurts my heart way too deeply. Dogs recieve Reiki energy wonderfully.  They bask in it. They absorb and roll in it.  Cats will sometimes accept it……I have been told that cats do it on themselves better than anyone could do it for them.  Every so often, though, you find a cat that loves pulling in that Reiki energy but they will let you know when they have had enough.

As I have said in earlier posts, I was raised on farmland in rural North Carolina and my childhood was spent talking to the goats and rabbits and ducks and chickens.  Sometimes I thought I was more animal than human.  I was looked at as a strange child because I really only had one human friend and we both would rather spend our time with the animals.

When we are able to make ourselves still and observe, these wonderful creatures can teach us the most fantastic things.  Have you ever watched a cat sitting in front of a window with a bird just outside?  Ever seen the excitement as the cat chirps and clicks at the flight of that bird?  We have forgotten how to feel the most basic emotions.  Animals don’t have the hangups we do.  Watch how your dog reacts to you the next time you come home.  When was the last time you greeted a loved one with that much excitement? 

I love to use the energy of certain animals when I work Magick!  Of course, I never do so without asking permission first.  Almost always, that particular animal is more than welcome to oblige and I always leave a gift outside for that animal or I give my own a special treat.

I love the use of music along with Magick and often times as I do a simple spell, you will find me stroking Merlin or Frisbee and singing or humming as I do so…much like was done in “Bell, Book and Candle.”  I find that it not only soothes the creature, but the music combined with purring or contented dog grunts carries the magick further for me.  Frisbee has been a part of many healing rituals.  He sits quietly across my lap as we sit in front of the pond here at the complex.  I visualize the water washing away pain and sickness….Frisbee’s breathing becomes rhythmic.  He is not asleep, but in what I call his “Magick Place.”  I begin to sing and stroke down his back….his breathing is even more relaxed…he looks up at me in a knowing way.  He knows what we are here to accomplish.  At the end of the ritual he leans up and gives me a tender lick against my ear….that’s his version of “So mote it be.”

Over the years, I have learned to fine tune the way I listen to animals.  With my own, I have learned to discern every whimper, whine, misplaced breath or sneeze.  I know the feel of their backbone down to their toes and everything in between.  I have learned to recognize their whispers.  Sometimes they are the ones who beckon for me to work Magick…..especially if I don’t particularly feel like it.

I have always felt a deep connection to the feathered beings.  It seems that I can be anywhere and one of them will find me, come to me, or converse with me.   One afternoon, I was on my way back to work from lunch and I stopped at Walgreens.  When I came out of the store into the parking lot, a huge hawk was standing in the middle of the hood of my car watching me.  I walked toward the car and the hawk stayed put….staring at me.  I got four feet from him and stopped.  I told him that I knew he had something for me to hear and I was ready for it.  He looked me dead in the eyes and I pulled in all the information he could give me.  I thanked him and watched as he flew off. 

I have also had many of these same kinds of encounters with crows.  I have friends who find it hilarious that a crow will follow me through a parking lot or will fly toward me—almost dive-bombing me or sit on a telephone wire and answer back as I talk to it.  I have always had this “gift.”  Even in the clinic I work in, so many are afraid of birds (mostly owls) and I will sit and handfeed them raw hamburger. They tend to be amazed that I talk to them as I work with them.  There has to be a mutual respect, and  I am most certainly never careless.

One of the things I have had the honor of doing while working at different clinics over the years, is to help usher pets into the summerlands or over the rainbow bridge.  I have been there as a beloved pet whose body is riddled with cancer takes his last breath.  I calmly tell him that his charge will be ok and it is time for the body to rest.  I lovingly stroke his fur as he walks into the summmerlands……I stand guard over the shell as the spirit takes off in a run.  You can feel the freedom that he feels as that transition happens.  The human will have to grieve….but if they only knew that that pet will be responsible for sending the next guardian into their life.

My spirit animal is the gryphon. He is part mammal, part bird.  That is very appropriate for me.  Sometimes I think that my heart was created with an outer covering of fur and feathers.  The gryphon encompasses everything that I am.  I am fierce, loyal, and unbending…..but I am also comfortably warm with a freedom that cannot be surpassed.  I fly above my trials and I call for those whose wings have been clipped to ride on my back so that we can go higher and higher.

Do you have animals in your life?  Take time to talk to them.  They have so much wisdom to share with you.  If you take the time, you may learn something that you never dared even think of.  When you see a creature outside…..listen to it.

I met a salamander today.  I watched him on the leaf of my hosta.  I got to actually watch him change colors from brown to green.  What did he teach me?  “Sometimes all you need to do is bask in the elements and watch what can happen.  You may change and it won’t be evident to you, but everyone else will see it.”

5 thoughts on “Talking To The Animals

  1. It is such a blessing to read your post, Dave! This one especially touched my heart! I do not live with animals now but had two border collies during my marriage. I loved both those dogs so very much and know what you mean about a connection. I love how you talk about your cats and your relationship with the birds! You are a true St. Francis! He taught us more about living in the Garden than anything about the Gospel! Oh wait, maybe that is the gospel…ya think? My Reike Therapist in Virginia had a larger client base with animals than humans. She was incredible and was a true Animal Whisper just like you! I can’t wait to hear more of your stories! They are mesmerizing! Love and Light!

  2. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I always think in one of my lives I was a cat. Me thinks you have had a few lives with 4 legs too. The earth is blessed to have you, dear gentle man. BB

  3. Love it Dave. I’m feeling inspired to write another blog now. I love how connected you are to all animals. I love that you are there to cross them over. I wish you had been there with me when my Taz left us. I tried the best I could to cross him over. Considering the messages I recieved from him later I think I did ok. I think its awesome that you have a couple magickal animals in your life. Blessed Be. 🙂

  4. another beautiful addition to your spaces wiseman!!! your wyrds rang clear to my i have a similar connection to fourleggeds and winged ones….when i was younger i thought everyone was able to chat with the animals..imagine my dismay when i learned it a gift!! i also chat with the trees and flowers as i know you do…i was once told to look for examples of how to live in nature….thank you for sharing your experience, strength and energy!!!….mitakuye oyasin…….. to all our relations!!! we are all ONE! <*)

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