When Magick Meets You Where You Are…

Between dark and sunrise, he stirs.  Energy surrounds him; colors, pictures, like a mosaic spinning.  Blue flames rising in his spirit and hands- feeling the warmth of the flame reaching out to a creature, defenseless, yet healing with warmth.

He has been immobilized by fear, yet his courage takes him a step forward–one cannot have courage without fear.  Fearlessness is not noble–it simply means “No Fear.”

A master of flame, a healer of the voiceless; a touch that leads those who face the end–no longer alone-a guardian of souls and spirits.

The passage above was included in the shipment of a wand that I commissioned from the wonderful artists Carrie Hollister and Malick White at Spirit’s Enchantments.  It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

I have been, to say the least, frazzled over the last month.  I have been pulling days worth of overtime, trying to tend to the dear furbabies that I have been given charge over, trying to be the mate that my partner deserves, and dealing with load after load of disappointment with some that are close to me.  I had become a puddle of a human.  I have been so worn out that I honestly did not know where any part of me began. 

 I mustered every ounce of what was left of my strength to pour into others.  I despise to see people and animals hurt.  I wrote in my last entry about regaining your sacred space, but I should have written more about allowing yourself to be poured into.  Goddess is so faithful and so caring and so loving and nurturing, but sometimes I think it is important for her to knock us on our butts.

When I ordered this wand, “Raven Light and Dark” as she is called, I never anticipated the need for the energy that had been poured into her specifically for me.  I never knew that anyone could take so much time to get to know me….I have always considered myself somewhat unremarkable and forgettable. The two wonderful women at Spirit’s Enchantments called upon the Goddess to enlighten them to my spirit, to my heart.  In the process, I know that so many more things happened.  I was introduced to two wonderful friends whom I have begun to fall head over heels for…..their spirits take me by storm! 

Carrie, I have found out, is a bit of a tease.  She loves to show bits and pieces of the work that Goddess is doing in the wands.  She builds anticipation in you and sparks a renewed “child-likeness.”  Through this process, she was able to pull out the spirit of that child in me that I had forgotten was calling out.  This brought forth a joy that pushed me through the whole month of ‘issues.’  Malick, is a wonderful kindred spirit for me.  She has such a love and compassion for the four-leggeds that still knocks me backwards when I think about it.  They both have such a tender heart for those that we think are helpless.  I forget sometimes, though, that those are the ones who help me most. 

I received “Raven Light and Dark” on Saturday.  Just receiving her then was a miracle in itself.  I went to the mailbox that day not knowing how long it would take to get the package.  I was disappointed to say the least when I reached into the box and saw the orange card that said “Sorry We Missed You.”  I had been home all morning.  I gathered the sales papers and bills and slumped back to the house.  I went about the rest of my day with laundry, dishes, etc.  At 5pm there was a knock on the door.  It was accompanied by the excited barks of a chihuahua and a dachshund.  I looked out and it was a small woman in a mail carriers outfit.  I opened the door and she handed me a long triangular package.  She said, “I was done for the day and on my way back to the Post Office and I felt like I absolutely had to deliver this package to you today.  I can’t explain it, but I knew I had to turn around.” 

I gathered that package in my arms and walked into the kitchen to open it.  I had an audience again…..my partner, the chihuahua, the dachshund, and one of the cats.  The other cat was asleep on my Book of Shadows.  Everyone looked wide-eyed as the dried flowers and crystals trickled out of the wrapping.  I finally had her in my hands and could feel a power surge like none before.  I could feel the energy that Carrie, Malick, Goddess and others involved in the process had poured into her.  My hands were shaking from that energy.  She called to me to be used then and there—so I used her to do a cleansing of the house and courtyards…I let each of the furbabies get to know her.  Frisbee bounced around her like a puppy…. Merlin rubbed his face against every part of her.

I went into my courtyard that night.  I held her close to my chest. I laid myself before the Goddess.  I listened to her tell me, “See how much I care for you.  I put all of this in order for you so that you could be re-engaged, recharged, and pushed upward.  It isn’t about what you are lacking; it’s about who you are……a reflection.” She led me to the pond…there I stood looking into the dark water.  I saw myself looking back….I recognized that smile.  I put my finger in the water and watched the ripples.  “Your energy created those ripples.  They extend to the reaches of this pond.  It is time to give now.  Send to those who need it.  “Raven Light and Dark” is your agent of focus and power….work with her.

I had opened the envelope enclosed in the box when I received it.  I did a brief reading.  It touched me.  I read it again in the courtyard that night and wept and wept and wept.  Goddess needed to let someone else relay the message of how she saw me and who she recognized me to be….through a dream hundreds of miles away.  Blessed Be.






5 thoughts on “When Magick Meets You Where You Are…

  1. Blessed be my brother. An extension of your power. To pull in, and send out. How blessed we are to have you. And to those wonderful girls, who someone said *O, what pretty little sticks* to them. O how little did they know…….what power they would wield! BB

  2. I’m dabbing my eyes and cheeks as I read this – so thrilled for you, and so amazed and appreciative of the beauty and power that is harnessed by this work of art. The magick is yours, aided and abetted by the genius of Carrie & Malick, blessed and empowered by the Goddess. You are renewed, re-energized – and good thing, for you are needed by so many. Blessed be!

  3. Thank you, Dave, for such a beautiful blog. I am the artsy half of Spirit’s Enchantments and it’s been three years now since we began creating these wands. The heartfelt words and feelings coming from those who entrust us to create them humble me on a daily basis. I feel so blessed and joyful that something can be shared from us. I have never felt overly remarkable as a human being. After finding our beautiful Goddess and walking her path, I now see how each moment in our lives are important and when we touch others, we are forever blessed in return.

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