Communing With the Lord and Lady

It is often unusual that I do two blog posts in a row, but I had such a time this morning with the Lord and Lady that I had to share.  It all began with the Blue Moon on Friday night. 

Friday night as I prepared for my time before the moon, I cleansed and sorted my crystals for soaking up the moonlight.  I could feel a wonderful energy inside the courtyard, but I could feel it calling out of the courtyard that night.  I did my usual preparations and setup, but as I settled in for what I knew was going to be a powerful magickal night.  The air was breezy but balmy.  I felt a drawing in my spirit that I couldn’t ignore.  I began to hear the calling of the water in the pond down the hill in the rear of the complex.  The only way I can describe this is that it must be that same feeling that sailors used to get when sirens sang.  I knew that I had to go to the water.  I pulled up a few larger crystals…one of which was a new Merlinite stone, a few candles, and my matches.  I walked slowly toward the pond.  I knew that something important was about to transpire.

As I reached the bank of that pond and put my supplies down, I looked at the water.  The moon was large and white and it felt as if I could reach out and touch her.  I set up my circle and lit my candles and got my crystals in position.  Again, I heard the call of the water.  I took my shirt off and sat in my shorts on the bank.  The breeze cooled the sweat on my skin. I began to feel something starting deep within me.  I knew this feeling.  All of the grief of the week surrounding my grandma’s death started to rumble inside of me.  It is always easier for me to take care of others than to attend to my own feelings.  As I felt this feeling winding its way up through my body, an anguished cry escaped my lips.  I then began crying uncontrollably.  I watched as my tears were added to the water in the pond.  I saw the ripples from each drop.  I needed the element of water that night to wash away my pain.

After the cleansing, I did my ritual and finished up.  As I was finishing, I noticed a cat that I have seen in the neighborhood standing off behind a tree.  I sat quietly.  I knew it was there for communion.  It was there for magick.  I started to quietly sing to the universe.  The more I sang, the closer the cat got to me.  By the end of the evening the cat was next to me allowing me to stroke it as it purred loudly.  I knew that the Lady in her faithfulness had blessed me with another magickal companion.  We looked at each other with a certain knowing and then the cat was gone as quickly as he had come.  I look back on it now and I think.  He was a black and white cat.  He was equal parts black and equal parts white….the balance of light and dark.  Funny.

This brings us to this morning.  My chihuahua and I were out for our routine Sunday morning walk. We had already been around the complex and we normally finish our walk out by the pond.  The closer we got, the more excited he became.  He was dancing at the end of the leash.  He knows that there are wonderful magickal happenings at that pond.  We settled down into the grass under a tree close to the water.  In his usual fashion, Friz curled up in my lap and dozed off with his head on my leg.  I, too, was feeling sleep trying to creep upon me. 

I looked up and it seemed that there were hundreds of dragonflies whirring around us.  Now, in Georgia, you gotta look up because it could be one of those five inch long mosquitos.  I glanced down at Friz and I tell you it was a look of fascination on his face.  He sat there with his mouth open and all those dragonflies buzzing around.  It was like watching a million fae at play.  I looked up again and there was the black and white cat sitting there staring at me and this strange looking pup.  Now, Friz has cats in the house with him so he has no prey drive with them.  The cat came closer and closer.  The next thing I know,  there is me, Friz and this cat all lounging under the tree.  I could feel the breeze again against my face.  It was almost as if I was allowed to physically feel the turn of the wheel of the year.  It was as if the Lord and Lady walked past me holding hands and I was allowed to watch them walk into surrounding trees.

Who are we to be allowed to experience the divine? To be allowed to embark on supernatural journeys?  To be allowed to touch the heavens and earth at the same time?  We are a part of that divine.  We are witches.  We were born for all things magickal.

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