When Change Becomes Inevitable

Each year, the change of the seasons becomes more and more amazing to me.  Things happen right under your nose.  You look at a tree one day and it seems dead and worn out.  You look again the following day and there is new growth….buds just waiting to spring forth.  Winter to spring can be a glorious thing, but then again, so can summer to fall.

Just a bit ago, we had a strong sturdy rainstorm come up.  I decided that I needed to go walking for a bit. Most people would see someone walking through the rain with no umbrella and think that they have lost their marbles. During the walk, you could smell the change of the seasons coming.  Earlier in the week when you would walk outside there was a humid summery smell.  It was the smell of that last beach trip or the smell of that last hurrah that the garden sends out.  Today was the smell of cool wet leaves preparing for the transition from vivid green to the reds, oranges and yellows of autumn.  It was the smell of the squirrels digging up the acorns they had buried so that they could take them back to the nest.

It seems like just yesterday that we were complaining about that bone-chilling cold that winter brings and preparing for Yule. The world has a way of changing around us sometimes without us even realizing it.  Many times, though, we will be asked to participate in that change.  The past year has brought so many changes to my life.  Some of these changes were wonderful, some I thought were so-so, and some of the changes hurt and I did not like them. 

Over the past year, I have seen many births (human and animal).  There is nothing like holding a newborn of any species in your hands and feeling the miracle that shines forth from this new life.  I also have experienced many deaths over the past year…not just the old who had completed the circle and were ready to move on, but also much younger who weren’t quite ready to leave this life behind and fought the transition tooth and nail.  I have also had to help some along….spirits that were ready to go, but for some reason the body just wouldn’t let go.  One such instance plays across my mind…I was asked to be a part of the transition stage for an old dog.  I could tell when I walked into the room that she was in pain and was ready to cross over into the summerlands.  She could barely breathe and any movement was an enormous effort.  She laid her head into the palm of my hand as the doctor spoke to the caretakers.  We did what was needed and as she took her last breath, I felt her relax completely into my hands.  I sat there with tears running down my cheek and knew that she had at last gotten the peace and healing she needed.  I was the one changed.

How many times have we been confronted by any change only to fight kicking and screaming against it?  Most of the time, it is going to happen whether we want it to or not.  Movement is a natural part of the circle.  Part of the proof is by looking at the way the body responds to inactivity.  If you were to be sedentary long enough, the muscles atrophy.  They lose strength and power.  It is the same way with our spiritual path whether it be witchcraft or christianity or buddhism.  If we don’t change, if we dont move, we lose spiritual strength and power.  For this reason alone, I do some bit of Magick everyday.  It could be a simple spell for healing or strength, but it keeps Magick alive in my life. 

We hear so many in the world today say that Magick no longer exists or that there is no such thing as Magick.  That only comes from a group of people who have either chosen not to believe or have chosen not to utilize the power that Magick holds.  If you tell the caterpillar not to turn into a butterfly, it doesn’t keep it from happening, but it may just keep you from seeing it.

The word “change” in the picture above could honestly be replaced with the word “Magick.”  Isn’t most change, just that anyway?  Magick? 

I went walking with Frisbee down by the pond again this morning.  There was a nice cooling breeze dancing across the water.  As I watched, I saw the water dancing alongside the breeze. Ripples and waves and motion all following the lead of that glorious breeze.  There was a definite aroma out there.  It was the smell of life….movement….change.  Have you ever smelled stagnant water?  It stinks.  Seriously, the smell will make you sick. 

I sat leaned against the largest tree by the pond.  I could feel the fae trying to tickle the underside of my nose as I drifted off.  I could feel Friz settle in and get comfortable next to me. The black and white cat that has become a part of mine and Friz’ pond time was settled in closeby.  If I hadn’t been willing to accept change, I might have shooed him away on the first visit.  I made a promise then and there.  I promise to try my best to embrace the changes brought before me.  I will follow those rabbits into the rabbit hole.  I will climb the mountains that seem a bit too high. I will chase breezes and play dodgeball with the raindrops.  I will embrace Magick wholeheartedly and surrender what I am for what I truly can become.

If you always do what you have always done, you will always be what you always were.

Blessed Be!


1 thought on “When Change Becomes Inevitable

  1. Beautiful. I embrace change everyday, The wheel is turning so quickly for me, I don’t want to miss a single minute. Thank you for your wonderful words….

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