Something Bigger Than I

I spent another morning out by the pond this morning.  It was wonderfully cool. I could feel the coming fall.  The breeze whispered in my ear that it would be here before I could blink.  Again, I settled at the base of my favorite tree…an old oak, alongside my chihuahua, and I pondered the world around me.  The pond has become a safe place outside of my courtyard for me.  As a witch, I think it only natural that we should have that refuge in nature.

At that moment, my mind wandered to the things that had been happening in the apartment complex lately.  Rumors of drug deals going on around us, pimps, and so many unsavory people as of lately.  A couple of weeks ago, I had had a run-in with one of the neighbors because he drinks alot and came barreling into the complex in his truck.  He just about hit my partner headon.  If my partner hadn’t swerved, then it would have been a full-on collision.  I am normally fairly calm and easy going, but let’s just say that at that moment, the Morrigan took over.  Not only did I let him know in any certain terms that I would absolutely stomp him (this is a good old fashioned southern term), but I told him that if he stepped one foot out of line that there would be hell to pay.

At that moment, I realized that it was time for me to take back the apartment complex.  This was more than just protection magick.  This was Magick that had to encompass several miles around us. I haven’t gone into much detail about the Magick I do outside of the usual ritual, but one type of Magick that I do work with is Dragon Magick.  I have done this for quite a few years.  This is not the type of magick where you just decide one night to call up a dragon spirit.  This type of magick requires nurturing and relationship.  This particular night of magick required something much bigger than I am.  This night required all of my spirit helpers.  This night required the Morrigan.  This was a night of war.

I look back on Medieval times, and I think of all the lives of the common people that were lost at the hands of greed and selfishness.  The common people should never have to pay the price for another’s “sins.”  On this night, all I could think about were the children that didn’t want to come outside and play anymore because of the things transpiring in the complex, or the people who had become afraid to walk their dogs at night because they didn’t know who or what they would be approached by.

I set the altar up at midnight, prepared the circle, called in the elements and the directions….just like with any other ritual.  I brought offerings to those I had need to call on.  I built the cauldron fire, lit the candles.  I held my wand, Raven Light and Dark, at my side.  I cried out to the Morrigan.  I was answered by the cry of the crow that nests on top of the phone post across the way.  I cried out to the spirit of the Dragon.  I was answered by the blaze of the fire in the cauldron….raring up and licking at the air.  I called to the spirit of the Gryphon (this has been a magick helper to me since I was a boy).  I felt the wind pick up and knew that I had been answered.  I sat and communed and discussed the situation with them all.  I told them of the impending need.  I waited for their answer.  I thanked them for their help, gave them their offerings, and watched as they each embarked upon their tasks.  I closed the ritual and walked back inside with a deep knowing in my heart….a knowing that my requests did not fall on deaf ears.

I went about my day the following morning just as I always did.  I got up, showered, went to work.  I normally drive home at lunch to walk the dogs and to just escape the day for a bit.  As I drove into the apartment complex, I noticed a county marshall’s car sitting at the entrance.  I watched as he loaded 15 or 20 people into the “paddy wagon.”  There had been a drug bust.  I said a loud “thank you” in the car as I drove by.  I knew this had not been an accident.  I watch daily now as I see more and more positive things happening here. I watch as people who were a part of that “questionable” group are moving out.  I feel as safe as a bug in a rug. Yes, the pond has become my safe place.  I feel completely comfortable there at dawn.  I have also noticed the children playing more lately and more people walking their dogs after dark.

It took a while for me to realize that I can’t handle everything on my own.  I am not helpless by any means.  I have helpers and advocates that can be called on.  I do not order them around.  I make requests. I stand before them knowing that I am the smaller of the group.  I respect them and revere them.  I bring gifts.  Why?  Because I am a witch and all of this magick is right at my fingertips.

I am never alone.  As long as I believe in the spirit of the Dragon, the spirit of the Gryphon and the Morrigan.  I am never without a stronger hand. I am never alone.

As I relaxed by the pond this morning with my chihuahua at my side and my new cat friend a few feet away, it was so easy to look over to my right and see a gryphon resting quietly in the grass.  It was just as easy to hear rustling of the wings of a dragon overhead.  What was missing?  Yes….I heard it.  I heard the calling of the crow in the distance.

Sometimes we just need someone bigger than ourselves.

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