Shine On, Shine On Harvest Moon…..

Last night was a beautiful night. I started the evening doing all of those required partner things that one finds oneself doing in a relationship. I was ecstatic about the view of the moon I had. It was cloudy and hazy, but she was so bright, I could see her wherever I walked. I was so antsy. I wanted to hurry and get through the requirements (now don’t tell me I am the only one who has ever felt this way) just to get to spend some time under the moon.

When the evening was through and my partner was poured out in front of the bedroom television watching those recorded reality shows that he loves so much and the dogs and the roomie were all in bed…..I put on my clogs (not fashionable, but they get the job done) and I slipped out the door to the pond. I felt like I could breathe again. Sometimes it is really hard being a transplanted country boy in the city. I am used to acres of space, and sometimes living in the city makes me feel a little caged up. It seems, sometimes, that everywhere I look there are people within arms length. Now I am a very huggy, “not much personal space needed” type of guy, but sometimes I really just have to get out into the open and feel the breeze, the dirt, the water, the sun, the moon, and anything else not associated with people.

It felt a little different not having my little “witching” buddy with me. I am so used to Friz curling up in my lap in the morning hours, but he is one of those pups that does not like staying up past his bedtime. He will stand outside of the kennel when it is time to go to bed at night. He does love to sleep. I looked around to the edge of the trees and thought for a moment that I was going to be under the moonlight completely alone when I suddenly saw something slowly coming toward me. It was black and white cat. In my best Ollivander voice I laughed and said, “I wondered when I’d be seeing you, Mr. Potter.” Well, I thought it funny, but the cat didn’t seem amused.

I settled in under my old friend oak and I must have dozed off. I felt a cat tail rubbing against my face. I looked at my watch and saw that I had been out there for about an hour, so I figured I had better go get some sleep. I knew that a certain little blue chihuahua and his doxy sister would be waking me up bright and early this morning.

I thought a little about this…..we always charge our stones, crystals, tools out in the moonlight. Sometimes it is just ourselves that we need to charge. Just napping out there under that tree was so invigorating. Yes, it was hazy, but dear sweet Lady Luna was still able to reach through and pour her power over me. With those thoughts tickling through my brain, I bid black and white cat goodnight and assured him that I would be back in the morning with Friz and I plodded off to bed.

Bright and early this morning I heard those familiar little sniffs and grunts coming from the kennel. It is probably a good thing I can function on just a few hours sleep. My partner and I got up, got the pups and kits fed, then he and the doxy went back to bed while Friz and I made our way to the pond. I looked the sky over for my dear friend, Lady Luna. It was still hazy, but every so often she would come out from behind a cloud. She was so bright and it seemed as though I could reach out and touch her. I brought my wand and my cloak with me this morning for a little informal ritual. I wore my cloak out to the pond a couple of weeks ago….I didn’t think anything about it…until I heard one neighbor talking to another the next day. He was sure he had seen the grim reaper out by the pond and he swore he would never go in that direction again.

I settled in next to the oak and out of nowhere, my friend black and white cat appeared. I never even saw him come up. Friz was settled in my lap, so black and white cat figured that he would take his place beside him. Friz leaned over and licked him on the head and they snuggled in for the duration. From that position, I had to cast my circle and call on the directions and elements. The only way I can describe what happened next is to say it was like rocking back and forth in the most wonderful hammock you could find. A peace, a comfort came over the whole area. I began to sing out the names of friends and family that I know are in need. I watched as those needs floated effortlessly up to the moon. I listened as she whispered back into my ear.

We talked about autumn and everything it entails. Samhain, pumpkins, that wonderful briskness in the air that catches your breath in mid-stream. We talked about firelight and spirits and animals. Always we talk about the animals. I call on protection for those that don’t have homes and are hungry. I ask her to provide for those who aren’t provided for. I call on her for the needs of the wild ones who seem to be pushed farther and farther out of their own environments. I call on her for protection and healing in my own fur kids and the fur and feather kids of others I know. I am surprised by how many she continually brings to my remembrance….almost as if they are calling out, “Don’t forget me!” There is a donkey, and an old hound dog, cats that like to sleep in sinks, and cats that like to be in the midst of everything…I smile when I see them in my mind’s eye because I know the people with whom they are associated. She reminds me that I will be in the mountains again for Samhain. I will hold my supper out under the stars and the moon and tell granny that it is time to move on. As I close the circle and finish up, I feel the two little critters in my lap stirring. Yawns all around and black and white is gone in a flash. Friz and I slowly walk around the side of the pond and back up to the condo. He climbs up beside me and puts his belly out to rub. It’s as if he was saying, “I liked that. We need to do it again.”

Harvest moon shine down your light. Pour over us as we gather tonight. Your rays fill us with strength and power as we call upon you in this magickal hour. Dreams and visions for us to see. As I will so mote it be.

Blessed be, yáll!

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