Sometimes We All Just Need To Be Rescued…

I saw something at the clinic this week that hit me square between the eyes.  I was walking around a corner preoccupied by my own busy-ness, when I saw a young military fellow and his dog.  The dog was quite obviously older and was leaned against this young man’s leg.  The dog’s eyes were closed in a contented bliss.  I had to know the story behind this poignant scene.  It turns out that the young man was indeed military and the the old dog was just adopted from a shelter.  He had gotten him as a companion for his wife when he was away.  They had decided on an older dog because they wanted to give an older animal a chance….they wanted to give him the best in his golden years.  It was so obvious, as I watched this senior pup, that he knew he was given something that not many in his circumstances receive.

As I watched and listened, I tried desperately to swallow the lump that had been forming in my throat….but my eyes gave me away.  As I felt the tears welling up, I looked at the soldier and he was also tearing up.  He said to me, “Yes, we are very much indeed the lucky ones.”  This left an indelible image engraved into my heart and memory.

Of course, that night, I headed to the pond with that little blue chihuahua.  I leaned into my friend Oak and waited for the herd of cats to join us.  I wasn’t disappointed.  As I looked out over the water….my brain was racing….racing back and forth.  All I could think of was that old dog and the soldier. 

My back was against Oak.  I felt his strength and support.  I wondered… many people and animals out there need rescuing?  How many just need a comfortable place to rest through the turmoil that life has thrown.  Yes. Yes.  I know.  We are all so strong and capable that we don’t need anyone to rescue us. We never get tired of everyday stresses.  We never worry ourselves to the point of feeling that we are going to throw up.

Lies….all lies.  I, for one, know that I am a strong person…..but I get tired of being strong.  Sometimes…I feel like that old dog.  I have been the support for so long that I just need someone else to lean on….just for a minute or two.  I just want to lean and know that blissful feeling of someone elses shoulder.

But then again, how many times are we needed to bear the load for someone else?  Now, I am not talking about absorbing all their troubles, taking on their issues….I mean just being there.  Much of the time you really don’t even need to say anything….they only need know that you are there, willing to hold them up as they lean…listening as they talk.

That little blue chihuahua of mine is a leaner.  He just likes knowing I am there.  It is his sense of security….he knows that as long as I’m there that nothing can hurt him.  My Merlin is the same way….he was dropped off at the clinic as a kitten.  Even though he is 17 pounds now, he loves nothing more than to wrap his arms around your neck and go to sleep with his head under your chin.  I have often said that he just wants to be closer to the heartbeat.

Isn’t that the way we all feel?  We just need to be close to the heartbeat.  We only need someone to tell us that they care enough to be there.  It can be hard sometimes to allow someone into our personal space that closely, but sometimes we just have to realize, it is not about us at that point. 

Most people look at me and see a big teddy bear.  To be honest, I am not all that touchy feely…..especially with people.  I will hug on and love on animals all day.  I have to make myself be a hugger.  This is something that I have found that those around me need.  They need me to be a teddy bear and a hugger, and that’s ok.  I will be for them.  Goddess gave me one thing that I intend to use until the day I die……a strong back.  If I have to plant myself so that someone else can lean for a moment…then so mote it be.

As I write this, I can hear folks saying, “You normally write about such magickal stuff.  What happened?”  What is more magickal than sharing yourself for the sake of people and animals in need?  Give someone a hug and tell me that the feeling isn’t some of the strongest magick you will ever feel.

The cold weather is coming.  Take care of the animals.  I have a friend who always sets up shelters for the outside cats….blankets, you name it.  She has gotten me into the habit of doing the same thing……maybe that is why I now have a herd of cats.  Donate blankets and food to your local shelters if you can….Homeless and Animal.  As the holiday season approaches, look for people and animals that you can be there for.  Stir up some strong magick….One thing I like to do when I am taking treats out for the outside cats is stir a little magick into it.  Protection magick. 

I am so not a kitchen witch, but when I make treats…human, canine, or feline….I always add magick into it.  Always strength, protection, joy and peace…isn’t that what we all need? 

Go out looking for somebody to rescue this week.

Blessed Be!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes We All Just Need To Be Rescued…

  1. NOT A KITCHEN WITCH? Brother, you can’t help it if you stir intent and magick into you cooking. 🙂

  2. When we connect ourselves to the web it becomes a net that both catches and supports us all. Right now especially we need more people such as yourself reminding us to hook others up rather than continuing to walk on by. Thanks for the reminder brother. Couldn`t ask for a better, more kind and compassionate, wake up call.

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