Nights Wide Awake with the Fae


Let me start this post by saying that I dearly love fae. These wonderful little elementals are such a carefree, mischievous part of the magickal kingdom.  I have spent many an afternoon and evening playing and working with these truly remarkable beings.  I am always careful to be mannerly towards them and I always leave an offering of milk, honey and cake after incorporating them into my magick.  I even have an elder tree (it is confined to a pot, otherwise it would overtake the area as a hedgerow) in my courtyard as an offering and dwelling place for them.

I adore the fae so much, that I forget sometimes that you must work with them with care.  Always taking a step back, sometimes keeping them at arms length.  It is far too easy to get swept up in the magick that they pour out before you.  As I write this, I remember stories that my Irish great-grandfather used to tell me about the leprechauns or ‘little people’ of dear old Eire.  He would tell me stories of men who would drink with them and chase after them….only to be led to the fairy mound and never be heard from again.

Now, he never presented them as evil or mean….just full of frivolity and mischief.  It was in getting caught up in their joy and their lust for drink that humans would forget themselves and those around them and wander into the world of the fae that sparkled and glittered with every new step.  Each breath taken would always seem like the first.  Once a part of that world, it was easy to forget the mundane existence that was left behind and desire for life of the fae would overtake them.fae_forest_by_imagineapplescruffs-d319m6z

Last weekend, I had the luxury of spending time in the woods here…..a lot of time in the woods.  A couple of afternoons, I had fallen asleep in those woods…curled up underneath the trees that had become a comfort to me and nestled in amongst the dead leaves that covered the floor of the woods.  I had also forgotten that the fae can be a bit like ‘ticks’ as a friend reminded me. LOL!!  They can attach themselves to you and affect many different areas.  Unfortunately for me, the area affected was sleep.  Whenever I would try to rest at night, I would hear music or windchimes (knowing the air was still and my windchimes were put up for the winter) and I would smell strong floral smells.  I love the smell of honeysuckles and that scent wafted through my brain and nostrils all week long (unfortunately all of this combined has me going on about 30 minutes of sleep for the week).

The Morrigan is one of the goddesses I work with regularly and thank goodness she watches out for me.  I was discussing some things with a friend this evening and she reminded me that the Morrigan was indeed warning me today to not have my head buried in the garden, so to speak.  I came home for lunch and there were crows everywhere in and around the courtyard.  They were in the trees having a fit.  They were cawing non-stop and were not flying away as I got close….they were, however, restless.  I took a video of them and in the midst of not being able to catch most of them on camera, you can still hear the ruckus.2013-01-18 11.53.55-2

Lady Morrigan was warning me that although I wanted to be part of the fae world, that I must set boundaries.  I must decide what I will and won’t do or allow.  I sat in the courtyard tonight and had a long talk with my little elemental friends.  I explained that while spending time with them is wonderful and fun, I have got to sleep.  I told them that they could play as they want in the courtyard, but needed to be invited inside.  I had to explain that the animals inside needed their calm time too.  I look forward to a long and restful sleep tonight.

Earlier in the week, during an online search, I found a wonderful little ball-jointed sprite doll.  I immediately fell in love with it and ordered it.  It is called a realpuki soso doll from Korea.  It brings to mind all that is wonderful about the fae and I will enjoy having it nearby whenever I need a smile or a giggle.2013-01-12 20.05.00

Blessed Be!

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