Round About the Cauldron Go…

2013-08-08 20.43.18

Today has been a very busy day for me magickally.  I started the morning half asleep at my desk.  Nothing seemed to be waking me up.  I reached in my drawer to get a selection of stones and crystals that I keep in there, along with a small black candle and a small white candle.  I sat everything up and proceeded to call on goddess to restore my energy.  Now, I know that a lot of folks think that magick should be enveloped in ceremony and ritual….but I happen to believe that magick and the power of the gods and goddesses can be accessed at any time.  I don’t necessarily have to have on my best ceremonial robes.  That’s what I happen to love the most about witchcraft….I don’t have to be like you and you don’t have to be like me and we are neither one wrong.

As soon as I was feeling more myself, I settled in for work…which seemed like a full day of refereeing.  On my break, I checked in on Facebook to see where a friend had asked how many cauldrons we all had.  I stated that I have three.  I have a small copper cauldron for incense, a medium sized one that fits perfectly in the middle of my altar, and a large one…for when I have to haul out the big guns.  She asked if the largest one was the most powerful…not per se…but I answered that it is the one that I dance around and wail like a banshee when I really want to see results.

Another Facebook friend had requested healing energy for her own pet.  Having just dealt with an ailing fur-friend, I felt compelled to do some major magick on her pets behalf.  I pulled out my mini-altar and proceeded to do some energy work, but with the intent of doing some ‘heavy duty’ work when I got home.  I fidgeted at my desk the rest of the afternoon.  I was ready to throw myself with abandonment into the workings of magick.

2013-08-08 20.47.17I pulled into the parking lot of the condo complex at about 4:30pm.  I was so excited about working in the courtyard…I had been looking forward to it all day.  I went inside and gathered everything I would need to accomplish my goals.  I hauled the big cauldron out onto the patio because suddenly the courtyard was caught in the midst of a brand new downpour.  I poured some brandy into the cauldron, followed by different herbs, a little cat hair…and a whole lot of intent.  I struck a match and watched as the flames danced around the bowl of the cauldron.  I have been growing mandragora officinarum and decided that it would make a wonderful addition to the brew.  I like its protective properties as well as its warding abilities and its invincibility. I carefully dug the root out of the dirt, dusted away the soil and pulled one of the delicate little root hairs and added it to the pot before burying the root again.
2013-08-08 20.48.002013-08-08 20.44.09

I called on the elements…the directions….Bast, Hekate, The Morrigan.  I laid out my intent before them.  I began to dance and sing around the cauldron.  A fast hard rain began to wash through the courtyard.  I could feel the steam as it hit the ground.  I was amazed at how clean and new everything looked with the rainwater dripping from it.  I am constantly amazed at how magick can give you a new perspective on things.  As I sat down in front of the cauldron, I was dripping with both a little rain and a lot of sweat.  I watched the fire smolder down into a wonderful aroma of dried herbs, brandy and smoke.  I leaned against the brick of the patio and basked in the abilities of the goddess to be able to use the intent that I had been conjuring all day.

2013-08-08 18.18.46

I got up and went inside and gathered three blackthorn sticks and my knife. I started carving and scraping and whittling into that wonderfully stubborn hard wood.  What will they become?  More wands?  An athame handle?  The possibilities are endless….it’s all in the intent.  There is so much that I want and need to do over the next few days….work with the blackthorn…that’s a given, work on my staff…it’s time to add some stones, organize my magick supplies and tools…am I really up for it?

I still feel it stirring inside of me…..there is something strong stirring.  I am giddy with anticipation.  I have yet begun to tap into the magick!

Blessed Be!

6 thoughts on “Round About the Cauldron Go…

  1. You have tapped into what magic is all about, transformation. You had intention, affirmed your will, built energy, and then sent it. The most powerful rituals you will ever do are of your own creation.

  2. Absolutely captivating! … Beautiful & magical. ❤ I love that we follow a path where we can act upon those things which make our soul sing & do not answer to anyone else's opinion or version of right & wrong.
    Well done!!

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