Walking Toward the Dark Months…

2013-08-24 20.57.21


Today has been one of those days that make me long for Fall.  The air here never really got hot…it wasn’t quite as balmy as it has been, and a cooling breeze circulated the whole time.

Friz and I took a walk to the pond this afternoon…quite a sidestep from our normal early morning routine, but a needed time.  As we walked, I saw glimpses of color dotting the green of the grass.  “That cannot be what I think it is.  It is far too soon.”  I walked over to a splash of brilliant red, reached my hand toward it and then watched as Friz darted in front of me and grabbed it from my fingers….he thought we were playing a grand game of chase.  I walked over to another swatch of red and grabbed it up quickly before tiny piranha-like teeth wrenched it from my grasp again.  I was amazed to see the vibrant red washing over the leaf in my fingers.  I have had the strongest feeling that autumn would be settling into Atlanta early this year…but here was proof.  I could feel myself breathing a contented sigh knowing that just around the corner would be pumpkins, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, hoodies…and of course, comfort food….and as a good friend reminded me last night….lots and lots of books.

2013-08-24 21.48.30

Friz and I walked back to the condo.  Both of us were a little winded and a little warm…we haven’t quite hit those autumn temperatures yet.  We both plopped down on the sofa in front of the fan.  I texted back and forth sporadically with a friend and thought about taking the time to make a little trek to the woods tonight.

My partner and I had decided on dinner out…local BBQ.  Couldn’t have been a better time.  The breeze was cooling off the air around us and the BBQ joint was packed.  As we took our time and savored every bite…even down to the homemade banana pudding, we talked about our upcoming beach trip at the end of September and other fall-type activities.

2013-08-24 19.14.17


After we had gotten back home and had the chance to let the dogs go pee, I figured it was time for me and Friz to make our way to the woods.  I packed up my backpack with the essentials…or as I have come to call it, my ‘Wood-Witch Kit.’  We walked most of the way, but when we got almost to the woods, Friz decided that I needed to carry him the rest of the way.  Now, how could I say no to those big ole bug-eyes?

When we got to the woods, the air had cooled dramatically…..I could feel myself positively aching for that first taste of briskness.  I settled in and put my candles around me.  The wolf and crow skull in the middle…my wand rested on a bed of leaves.  I could feel the footsteps of the goddess walking around me….the steps no longer heavy and plodding with the anticipation of birth, but starting to slow a bit.  As I sat and spoke to the directions…sang to the elements….I could hear her whispering to me that it was time for the croning to begin.

As we walk into the season of autumn…it is a time of deep change.  The leaves go from the vibrant yellows and oranges and reds into crunchy brown skeletons.  We watch the world around us age with the triple goddess.  I could hear her whisper in my ear about the wonderful changes that would come with the turning of the wheel, but I could also hear her voice begin to crack as her aging became imminent.  I could see that vibrant red hair which was barely streaked with gray was beginning to silver even more and the lines were engraving themselves along her face.


I watched as her brow furrowed and she opened her mouth to speak.  “Preparation.  You see the squirrel…already storing and hiding and beginning to set up her nest in preparation.  You must be just as diligent.  Prepare your heart, your mind, your spirit.  Open yourself to every possibility.”

I lay down in the dirt trying to absorb all that I had heard.  I heard a little nose snuffling up beside me.  I looked out of the corner of my eye to see my own little mini-wolf staring back at me.  The first thing that came to my mind was his own adaptability.  No matter what has come, this little blue chihuahua has always managed to love, wag, and lick his way through any situation we have faced.  As I raise my head, I see that he is now nose to nose with the wolf skull…..I have no doubt that he is absorbing that wolf spirit.  I am always amazed at how open animals are to magick.  The rest of the world would love to tell themselves that magick isn’t real…that it is the stuff of which fairy tales are made.  They have simply put blinders on and chosen not to see the very thing that whirls around them.  The thing that I love the most about animals and magick is how receptive to healing animals can be…after all, no one has ever told them that it isn’t possible.

As I watch Frisbee, I let my eyes go half closed let the energy of the woods sweep through me.  The breeze is moving around me….my spirit dances with the breath of the wind.  Friz settles himself in between the crow skull and the wolf skull….seemingly amused at my antics.  His tail wags as my head bobs back and forth.

We both jumped when we saw something darting through the woods. Friz moved behind my leg….ever the protector.  I looked closer into the shadows and saw a calico kitten…couldn’t have been more the a few months old and as tame as she could be.  She came up to us with no fear at all and was rubbing all over Friz….thankfully he is used to strange cats.  I picked her up and her motor was going strong.  It was like holding a little multi-colored dishrag….she was completely at ease.  I put the little rascal down and she scampered home.  Friz and I gathered up our magickal tools and I carried him back to the condo.  After I had settled into my comfy pants, I looked up the magickal significance of a calico cat.  In most cultures, they are generally considered lucky.  In dream interpretation they represent luck with new friends and old ones.  Sounds wonderful.

I decide to grab my besom and sweep out some of the old stale energy from the house.  It is time to get new energy circulating.  Friz played with the broomstraws as I swept.  Merlin thought it was his job to redistribute whatever it was that was moving.  He jumped at and played with the energy swirling around the broom.  When I finished, the three of us collapsed in a heap on the sofa…after all  circulating energy is hard work on little chihuahuas and old alley cats.

2013-08-24 21.09.39


My mind wrestled with all I had heard in the woods.  I have been so busy lately making wands, staves…sorting through my book of shadows.  Making, creating….let the preparation begin.  Not only do I travel toward a new season of the wheel of the year….I am journeying toward a new season in my own life and magick  Let the preparations begin.

Blessed Be!

2 thoughts on “Walking Toward the Dark Months…

  1. And what glorious changes are coming!!! Love your walks with nature, and maybe the Fae cat has had a productive summer??? Kudos to the magickal calico! BB

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