Hellebore, Henbane, Aconite…

2014-03-22 21.11.56

I have always had an interest in unusual plants.  That is why early last year, I ordered a Mandragora Officianarum root, and have coddled it and nursed it.  It is coming back this year with the promise of blooms.  I am so excited, I can’t stand it.

I guess before we moved into the condo here, that the Horned One and the Lady made a witchy path for me before I had even settled in.  There were rows and rows of light and dark hellebore in front of our unit and yarrow grew in abundance by the bedroom window.  It made me wonder more and more about the history of the condos.  I know for a fact that it was housing for military personnel back in the forties and fifties…but between then and the early eighties there isn’t much information about the residents.  When Friz and I make our rounds, though, it is like a wonderland of witchy herbs and plants springing up in the hidden reaches of the complex.

I have found rosemary planted by almost all of the doors that stand in sunshine.  I have found sage planted in so many sunny spots that I can’t even begin to count.  Lavender grows in abundance by the playground…but the strangest, wildest flower I found today while walking.  I haven’t seen aconite in many, many years….as I was walking, though, I recognized a hooded purplish blue flower.  As I got closer to it, I picked Friz up because he is known to eat any plant within his reach and Wolfsbane is extremely poisonous.  Of all plants to see in Georgia, this was the last one I expected.  I always carry ziplocs with me nowadays….just in case I run across some plant or some animal that has died along the way and the bones might be used for magick.  I put Friz close to an old tree and told him to stay.  He listens well to that command.  I harvested the root, flowers and stalks of the plant using bags over my hands to handle everything and then putting everything inside of a bag.  I stuffed it all into my backpack and then Friz and I had our  time in the woods.

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My mind raced back and forth as to what I would use this magickal plant for. Protection is a major magickal property of Wolfsbane.  I also know that it can be used in magickal work with the goddess Hekate.  I would definitely want to use it to consecrate my athame when I get one ( that is the one magickal tool that has concealed itself from me until the right one comes….I want one with a handle made from bone).  In the meantime, I would use it as part of a banishing spell that I have been working on.

There is a neighbor here that gives me a ‘bad feeling’….the energy isn’t right there.  He is constantly learing at people and lurking outside.  I have scared him more than once when he tried sneaking into my courtyard as I was doing magick.  Imagine his surprise when he opens the gate and sees a six foot tall, large man standing there with a staff with a skull on it, a wand, a cauldron and certain animal skulls surrounding it…..all in the dark with a fire roaring inside the cauldron.  He ran off screaming that night.

 I do, however like to feel safe in my own home.  So I have done tiny protection bottles.  So you are going to get one of my protection spells as a side-note here:

With my mortar and pestle, I grind up a couple of tablespoons each of black salt (witches salt), High John the Conquerer root, any kind of snake bone you can find (rattlesnake is wonderful), stinging nettles, a small amount of snake shed, hellebore flowers, and wolfsbane flowers.  Grind it until it is very fine.  Then funnel it into tiny potion bottles.  When the bottles are full and corked, I dip the top of the bottle into red wax first and then black wax to seal the spell.  I bury the bottles at each corner of my condo and recite:

The evil that you bring is through,

Leave in haste, I’m done with you.

All around here now is safe.

You have no choice but leave this place.

These buried vials will make a fence,

Keep you at bay for our defense.

By wolf and crow I’m guarded here.

You won’t come close…you won’t come near.

By Cernunnos, Morrigan, and Hekate,

This spell is sealed, so stay away.

I am a fierce protector of those that I care deeply for.  That is why I invoke the spirit of wolf for Friz every morning before I leave.  Anyone with ill will toward my household and those in it, will see the wolf spirit when they look at Friz.  My dear Merlin holds the spirit of panther, and our little Bella gets to rest with the Crow through the day.snarl

I know that some folks might balk at my use of ‘baneful’ plants, but I have always been taught that when you use things correctly, that anything can be safe.  If you treat the sweetest dog in the world with enough cruelty and hate, it will eventually bite you.

The best advice I could leave you with this week is:


Blessed Be!

4 thoughts on “Hellebore, Henbane, Aconite…

  1. Brother, you are a much more traditional witch than me, but my property is warded well with magick and I to use what are commonlly called Witch Bottles. As well a protection bundles (from my Native American side). I definitely like this spell and will save it for future use.

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